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Whole Food Plant Based Food

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Have you always wanted to know how to cook whole food plant based meals from scratch right in a cooking studio? I schedule in person cooking classes in studios in various locations in the NY/NJ area.

I offer private cooking lessons for small groups that can get you started and well on your way to mastering cooking with whole food plant based food.

I have been vegan for most of my life and enjoy teaching others how to cook in a manner that also promotes weight loss. When I first realized that an average sized female needed to modify her diet differently than an average sized male. I saw the responsibility to craft better recipes that fit this dietary need, then teach them. This way people could reap the extraordinary health benefit of eating both low fat and whole food, plant based. I learned more over time and knew I had to share techniques and cooking methods and styles to better to help people make the most of this type of cooking.

Learning how to cook is a skill that you can grow for a lifetime. Most people only know how to reheat what is given to them by major companies. I can show you how to master the basics of this style of cooking so that you can create amazing meals based on whole food plant based food diet.

This is more than just a cooking class, it’s your first footsteps on a path to a better tomorrow.

Whole food and plant based diets can transform your health. The junk food that gets stuffed into our usual meals is taking a toll on your health. When you transfer to a diet based on whole foods and low fat vegan eating, you will see a positive change in your well being.

I’ve watched so many people transform their lives by making changes to how, and what, they eat. Our meals shape our lives. When you are eating healthy food that puts your body first, you are going to become your best self.

Let me show you how to make the most of being in the kitchen. In my cooking classes, you’ll learn how to prepare whole food plant based meals that all of your family and friends will enjoy.

Get in touch with me today to schedule your first cooking class. 

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