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Jane Buscemi & How She Achieved Control

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As a teenager, I was an animal lover/advocate who embraced a vegetarian lifestyle for ethical reasons at a time when most of my friends were opting for fast-food. I even ran a vegetarian cooking class at my high school. As an adult, I became aware of the effects of factory farming on the impact of the diet on the planet.


This inspired me to become a life-long vegan. 

Over the years, while confronting natural weight fluctuations, I was determined to lose weight.

However, every book and health article I read, lecture I attended, or diet I tried that would accommodate my vegan lifestyle, came up short. The diets and recipes were too high in fat, bland and unsatisfying, or the dietary approaches didn’t work, so they were, ultimately, unsuccessful in taking the weight off and keeping it off.


I am a “numbers person” with a background as an accountant. To me, the answer to losing weight had to "add up" but I didn't want to count calories. I wanted to look at one number for guidance on whether or not to eat something. I found that number by focusing on the percentage of calories from fat. I started to calculate that figure when I created my recipes or from nutritional information provided on commercial products at the supermarket. (For the science behind this, please see the Resources page.) I wanted to learn even more, so I obtained a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through the Center for Nutrition Studies and successfully completed the eight-week online course in Nutrition Science through Stanford Center for Health Education. I am a licensed Food for Life Instructor through the Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine.

I've earned a Professional Plant-Based Certification Course (v.2) from Rouxbe Online Culinary School to take my recipe creations to a new level!


I will continue creating a series of whole food (minimally processed) recipes that are low fat, satisfying, and delicious. My prior results: I lost over 30 pounds and have kept the weight off! And my lipid levels are now fine too.

With over 100 healthy recipes in my kitchen portfolio, I've cooked and shared my culinary creations with family and friends—even non-vegans became fans of these tasty dishes. Best of all, I've been able to demonstrate how anyone can manage the preparation and cooking of these dishes within their own schedule.


Now, I am passionate about helping others take-off weight and demonstrating the healthy benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.


Healthy eating CAN be delicious, satisfying,

and help you lose those excess pounds. 

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