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Diet Plan

The Concept

Enjoy great-tasting and easy-to-make plant-based, low-fat recipes, all designed to help you lose weight and get hold of your health.
The VEGAN & UNDER CONTROL™ concept is the merger of two different but well-known diet styles: the whole-food, plant-based style, & the low-fat style. Whole food means that just minimally processed or unprocessed ingredients are used predominantly, if not exclusively, in the recipes. It also means, the recipes are higher in fiber, which satiates. 


(For the science behind this, please visit the Resources page.)

What makes these recipes different is that each and every recipe lists the percentage of calories from fat as an objective measurement. Using this percentage as a guide is key to controlling and losing weight. By limiting fat, you are limiting calories. Fat has over twice the calories per gram than either carbohydrates or protein, making it the more effective macronutrient to cut back on. This method also means that one can eat more! This is because portion size can be larger and still be more dietetic than a high-fat dish. By watching the overall percentage of calories from fat, you can include some high fat but delicious ingredients, like nuts, in the recipes. 


The quantity of high-fat items is simply reduced, resulting in a less severe regimen and a lifestyle that anyone can happily live with.

To get free tips and tricks and ways to enhance both weight loss and maintenance, in addition to delicious VEGAN & UNDER CONTROLrecipes already on this site, please be on the look out for blogposts coming to this site soon!

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